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The goals of CDDC

are very simple

1. Keep Joy On The Dancefloor ~

Using adaptable teaching methods, and triggering the best emotional respone of them all ( laughter ) as often as possible during dance lessons has proven to be the most effective method for developing students who experience minimal stress, and high retention.

2. Let The Art BE Art ~

Often, performing artists are taught to believe that their art is the property of their coach/instructor/teacher. At CDDC, we show you how to start the fire. You decide what to set ablaze.

“Whether you choose to fly, or spin...Let’s put the art in art again.”

How Are Those Goals Met?

By teaching using the four cornerstones of what we call “The Cycle Of Artistry” , which follows:


“While teaching, I try to instill these pillars in all of my students:


Know what it is you want, and maintain a laser focus.


Remember: Wishing is for fairy tales. Hard work is what achieves goals!


Celebrate the victories. Even the little ones! Every properly-executed technique, or well-retained fact has changed you (and your art) in some way.


Unapologetically love what you love. Shine a light on it, and it will not only light the way for others, but undoubtedly shine bright enough to call your tribe to you.


~Christifer Duxbury


Whether you're a beginner looking to start your first dance lessons, or even if  you're a seasoned pro, the right instructor is crucial.


Welcome to The Christifer Duxbury Dance Collective

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