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Hi, I'm Christifer!

I have been a dancer for over 20 years, training mainly in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

I've also trained, performed and competed throughout Canada - in Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia - and spent some time south of the border in California. 

I began teaching in 2007, focusing originally on Hip Hop & Jazz, but quickly branched out to incude Ballet, Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and many more styles to my repertoire, and love teaching them equally. 

Although I'm most well known for being a dancer, and dance teacher, I'm also a singer and actor, and my dreams in the world of Performing Arts are:

1) To one day open The Duxbury Academy Of Performing Arts in Western Canada (DAPA).


2) To create an original Broadway musical featuring my own music, choreography and performers from DAPA!

I'm often asked what my favourite style is. As a performer, I find my heart has a  special place for Contemporary. As a teacher, however... I love them all equally. It completely depends on the student. 

Whatever style happens to make that particular student  "glow" is my favourite style, until the next student's lesson. 

CDDC has been a part of my life since 2017, and I am so honoured to have met the students, tutors and volunteers that have since come to be dear friends.


 I believe that the best teachers are the ones that also remain students, so I am trying to always learn from them as much I hope they are learning from me. 


There's still plenty to come in my story, and I hope to not only include you in mine, but to be a part of yours!

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