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Christifer Duxbury Dance Collective

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Available During The Day?
The Homeschooler's Class is for you! 
For kids aged 5-17, focusing on Ballroom, Jazz and Contemporary
6 Week Courses!
Partners aren't required!
Parents / Caregivers may enjoy free admission to our Social Dance Parties for the Duration of this course! 
DreamToDance Launch
DreamToDAnce classes are funded by wonderful people like you, for wonderful kids like yours. 
This class works in a very unique way:
Each class is a different style than the week before, and we keep the style a secret until you get there! 
Over 12 styles to be taught
*Some conditions apply 
In It To Win It?
CD Dance Collective trains competitive Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Hip Hop, Jazz, & Contemporary! 
No Previous Experience Needed!
This course runs in half-year semesters. Each registration also comes with a private lesson with each students for notes and training directly from Christifer Duxbury!

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