Aiming For SAFE Dance Lessons During A Pandemic.

As Covid-19 continues to spread, it is more important than ever to ensure that you and your loved ones are kept safe. Please take a look at the measures we have in place to keep our students, our team and all of our collective loved ones healthy as we navigate dance lessons during this time.

-If you are sick, or experiencing any symptoms (no matter how mild) we ask that you please stay home. We will do the same, and give you as much notice as possible in an attempt to cause as little inconvenience to your schedule and time as possible.

-Upon arrival, all students are expected to wash their hands thoroughly. Your instructors will be doing the same before and after each lesson.

-Masks or other appropriate face coverings are MANDATORY for all instructors and students during lessons. If for any reason you are unable/unwilling to wear a mask, please refrain from attending lessons at this time.

-Hand-sanitizing stations are located throughout the facility. We ask that all students use them as frequently as possible, and we promise to do the same.

-Touchless temperatures are taken for all students upon entry. If it is noted that any student has a fever, their lesson will be rescheduled.

-Group class size limits have been drastically lowered to allow for safe distance between students and instructors. With this change, we are also asking that our students refrain from switching partners during class.

-We will not be permitting drop-ins to our classes at this time. To ensure we do not go over our safe-capacity, pre-registration is necessary for all classes.

We're all in this together, and if we all do our part, we'll see the other side soon.

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