Spread JOY. Not Covid.

This year has been incredibly difficult for all of us. We have been apart for many months, and sadly when we finally have a chance to reunite, there will be some empty chairs at our tables.

Knowing that this virus will be with us for quite a while, it may be difficult to think of ways to feel, or spread any holiday cheer, considering how long we've spent trying to not spread anything else. This is why we've decided that this year, our holiday plan is something that allows all of our students - and potential students - to show the true meaning of "collective," by working together to keep the holiday spirit alive, and well.

Through the months of November and December, we have opened Santa's Workshop, which works in some very fun, very unique ways.

First, every person who is signed up as a member on our website is added to our Nice List, and will be given a FREE gift in the month of December.

In addition to this free gift from us, we have also included a way for YOU to get involved in spreading some joy, with our Socially-Distanced Secret Santa program!

This Secret-Santa works in a fantastic way:

In Santa's Workshop, you will find three different packages of dance lessons: Bronze, Silver & Gold. Bronze offers you 4 Private Dance Lessons, and 4 Group Dance Classes. Silver offers 8 Private Dance Lessons, and 8 Group Dance Classes. Gold offers you 12 Private Dance Lessons, and 12 Group Dance Classes. Upon purchasing any of those packages, you will be asked to choose one name from the Nice List (We recommend choosing one before reaching the checkout, to reduce the amount of times you'll need to head back to the Workshop.)

Once you've chosen a name from the Nice List, type it in to the prompted bar on the checkout page, and once your package is processed, the person you chose receives a FREE gift anonymously!

How do you get on the Nice List?

That's easy!

In Santa's Workshop, simply click "Get On The Nice List," to become a member on our site. Allow 24 hours for us to update the list, and you should see your name on the list!

If you are already a member, and do NOT see your name on the list, check to make sure your member-profile is filled out accurately. If it is, and you are still not on the list, feel free to contact us at 1-587-404-4810, or send us an email at, and we'll make it right.

So, what are the gifts that are given to those on the Nice List?

-Purchasing a Bronze Package gives someone on the List 1 FREE Private Dance Lesson.

-Purchasing a Silver Package gives someone on the List 2 FREE Private Dance Lessons.

-Purchasing a Gold Package gives someone on the List 4 FREE Private Dance Lessons, and 4 FREE Group Classes (1 Bronze Package.)

Talk about "SPREADING JOY!"

To make sure that everyone has a fair chance to receive a gift this holiday season, once a name has been chosen, they will be removed from the Nice List. If everyone has been chosen, every name will go back on the List, and the process starts over!

We may not be able to be together in person this year, but we can still be there for each other. We hope you will help us this holiday season to spread joy among the wonderful dance community of Calgary!

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