We know that you have been missing your time on the dance floor, and we’ve missed all of you as well, but we want to make sure that we do this correctly, and do our part to help keep you all as safe and healthy as possible.

In order to do that, we will be returning with a three-stage reopening structure, with some new policies that will help us all to foster a new sense of appreciation for our ability to gather socially.

During each stage of our relaunch, it is important that if you are experiencing symptoms you stay home to help stop the spread of this virus. Late cancellation charges will not be applied for the first two stages of our relaunch to make it easier for you to do your part to keep yourself, and others safe!

Private Lessons return!

•Our private lessons will be the first to return, with slightly reduced availability. This reduced availability is so that we have time to thoroughly clean and disinfect our space between each lesson, and to limit the amount of people in our space, therefore helping to reduce the possibility of spread.

•We normally have 10 minutes in between classes for our teachers to prepare for the next student, but we currently feel that is not enough time to do a thorough job, so for the duration of Stage 1, we will be blocking 30 minutes between lessons to ensure we can bring the space to a level where you can be kept safe so that you can focus on learning.

•In Stage 1, our lessons will remain contact-free between teachers and students. Our instruction will be given through demonstration, verbal coaching, and teaching aids such as well-cleaned frames, and barres. This will allow for proper social distancing, to reduce any chance of spread.

Partnered students who wish to do so are welcome to dance with each other.


•For the duration of Stage 1, we will require all students and teachers to wear appropriate masks to help limit the chance of spread. 

•Students and teachers will be required to wash their hands thoroughly before, and after each lesson, and a small break will be given halfway through each class for a chance to wash your hands again. Hand washing stations will be thoroughly cleaned for you before your lesson, to help to keep you safe!

•To aid with ventilation, and to remove the need to interact with what would be considered “high-touch surfaces”, doors will remain propped open to allow for better air flow

Stage 2:

•Group Classes will resume, picking up where we left off.

•Contact between instructors and students will resume, allowing for physical corrections while training (only when necessary.)

•Hand-washing and cleaning standards will continue as in Stage 1.

•The use of masks will still be mandatory

Stage 3:

•The use of masks will remain mandatory, as per Alberta Health Regulations

•Friday Night Social Dance Parties will resume 

•Our 10 minute buffer between lessons will return, allowing for more availability, but our cleaning practices will remain thorough, and will happen more often. 

***As we progress through our three stages, we will be documenting any challenges, and areas for growth and apply them as needed. 

Please understand that we will be  using what we learn from each stage to make the next stage safer, so please expect caution from our team, and rest assured that any measures taken are for the safety of all of the dance-lovers out there.


We want to see you and your loved ones safe, happy and healthy, and will take every precaution to ensure that this relaunch is successful. 

We intend to move into the future with a new respect for social gatherings, and will maintain the highest possible level of cleanliness to ensure your ongoing safety.


If, during our relaunch, you notice an area where we can improve, we encourage you to let us know so that we can take all necessary steps to keep you safe.

Should any changes be necessary for any of our 3 stages, we will make sure they are announced via our website, email, social media, and in person during lessons

Our availability has been updated in our online booking service for your convenience, and we are also more than happy to assist you by email ( or by phone (587-404-4810).

We want to thank you for your patience as we navigate this “new normal.” 

We are looking forward to seeing you all, and helping you to get back on the dance floor. 


The CDDC Team.

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