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I highly recommend Christifer for dance instruction. What sets him apart? - He makes your lessons fun. - He takes the time to discover how you learn best and then adjusts his teaching style accordingly. - His goal is to make you into the dancer YOU want to be. I started dance lessons with no talent or experience in dance and two left feet. Now I can happily say I am a dancer … and I have a left and a right foot! I dare anyone to book just one session with him to discover this very talented, knowledgeable and effective dance instructor.


If you’ve never taken a class with Christifer, then you don’t know what teaching looks like. Christifer is more than just the person who stands in front of a class and tells you how to do things, he is someone who becomes an inspiration, who pushes you to your limits and then some, who can turn even your worst days into your best! You will never take just one class with him, I promise you it’ll become a lifestyle. If you’re ready to become a transformed dancer, please do yourself a favour and look into classes with him!


I have known Christifer for 4 years. He has always had a welcoming smile and a hug for me every time I come to the dance studio.

He makes classes interesting and funny and is patient while you learn new patterns or have forgotten the ones you have practiced already.

After I met Roger (who is now my husband) Christifer choreographed a beautiful Waltz for us to perform for a showcase. Later we were able to impress the guests when we danced it for our wedding.

We would both highly recommend Christifer for private or group lessons!

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