Wedding Dance Lessons

Because a perfect day calls for a perfect dance.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

We're here to help you create a first-dance that you and your guests will remember


Collectively, our dance instructors at have over 30 years of experience, and we have helped hundreds of couples over the years to prepare for their big day with fun, extremely high-quality dance lessons, and we'd love to do  the same for you.

Our Wedding Package offers 5 private dance lessons with the instructor of your choice, with each dance lesson running 50 minutes in length, all for a total of only $225.

We can choreograph the entire dance for you, or we can teach you the fundamentals of Lead and Follow and give you a few tools in your tool-belt to give you a spontaneous first dance.

The choice is yours!

We'll even edit your music for you free-of-charge, if you require it!

At Christifer Duxbury Dance Collective, we believe that LOVE IS LOVE, so all couples are welcome.

Can't decide on a song? 
Maybe our Wedding Playlist can help!

Considering Wedding Dance Lessons?

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